Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Questions....Can you answer them?

Here are a few random questions I was asked throughout the day...that I remember...and I don't think it scratches the surface:

Can I work in your room today?
What would you say if I told you I was finished with my paper?
Why do all wars start with religion?
Why won't people listen?
What did you think about the guitar playing?
Was it good?
How do I cut the part about macro invertebrates and still keep the same idea flowing in my paper?
Will you rap for us in class tomorrow?
What should I do to my product?
Did you like the play?
How do I shorten this?
Do you feel privileged?
Can you show me an example of a really good introduction?
What did you think of the sound effects?
Can you tell me if my Found poem fits with the second paragraph of my paper?
How will I ever pay for college?
If I wanted to get a loan, what do I need to do?
How much does college cost?
I've already been accepted, but when do I need to tell them I'm going to college there?
Do you know where I can get a job?
Do I have to work today?
Who would ever, in their right mind, read the entire book of Gone With the Wind?
Can we take a nap?
Can Eric stay in my classroom third block today?
Would you send Kurtis to the office?
What if I don't pass the placement exam?
Do I double-space the Works Cited page?
Do you have my flash drive?
What do you think Heaven is?
Do you think I should combine these two paragraphs and cut the part about salaries?
Do I double-space individual entries on Works Cited...even within the same entry?
How do I put this information in a graph?
Why does someone think a "bad" Christian is going to Heaven over, say, a good Muslim or Mormon?
What does forgiveness mean?
What do you think about me writing poems to start each section?
What do you suggest I start with in my introduction?
Do I have to combine all the characters right now to write a short story?
Can I use the movie "Super Size Me" as a source in my paper?
Can I go to the bathroom?
Can I get a drink of water?
Can I go to the library?
Can I go to lunch early?
What color is that?
Can we warm-up talk today?
Can we stop writing?
Can you proofread my resume, if you have time?
Do we have to go to school on Saturday?
When are you coming to look at our products?
Will you wait until after Alpha Rho Tau before you take the collage?
Can I write a poem about my daughter?
What did you think about Nickel and Dimed?
Can you come over on Sunday to see my Senior Project?
We've found a way to make $288,000, want to split it with us?
We're dropping out of school, what do you say to that?
Can you print my paper?
Do you want to see my bruise?
Will you write me a letter of recommendation?
Are you telling me "anyways" ain't a word?
What does "Not Yet" on my paper mean?
WHO got the "Approved by Ms. Daugherty" stamp?
Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Can we all just introduce ourselves?
When is spring break?
Can I read my writing out loud today?
Ms. Daugherty, why you lookin' at me like that?
Would you read this for me and tell me what you think about the storyline?
Is there a way to call outside of the school?
Can I check this book out?
Did you like The Horse Whisperer?
Would you cover my lunch duty on Tuesday?
Have you had a piece of cake today?
Are you wanting something from McDonald's?
What could we do for our senior prank?
Can you believe we worked the entire block?
What do you think is right about religion?
If I had two different jobs but at the same place, are those two different bullets on my resume?
Is something wrong, Ms. Daugherty?
What magazines would you like to keep for next year?
What does it mean to write visually?
Am I the "responder" of the paper? Or am I the "author"?
Do I put my name there?
Which title do you like?
Why are you always running out of post-it notes?
How did you get so happy?
At what point do we stop all this nonsense?

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