Thursday, February 12, 2009

Granny's Birthday

Today is Granny's birthday. When I mentioned this to my class this morning, they insisted we call to sing her "Happy Birthday." I thought what a great idea. So I grabbed my cell phone, dialed, and pushed the speaker button. After four rings she answered with a drowsy hello.

"HI, Granny!" I piped, as loud as I could into the phone.

"What." was her reply. And not "what?", which ends in a question mark and has the tone of curiousity regarding "what did you say?" but "What." as in a statement. A monotone, drab word that really said "why are you calling at such an ungodly hour and waking me up on my birthday!"

"Granny, I'm in my classroom and you're on speaker phone."

"You're kidding."
And then a giggle.

"No, granny, I'm not kidding. I told my class it's your birthday and they want to sing Happy Birthday to you."

And then she laughed again.

And Caleb and Luke led the chorus of the masses in the Happy Birthday song, even with the endearing "Dear Granny" in the middle.

"Well, thank you, thank you. Aren't you boys and girls good singers!?" she replied.

And then asked if we wanted her to give us some advice on living life? We said yes, but off the cuff, all she could think of was "keep up the good voices!"

I hope we do.