Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crazy For Madonna

I've been reading the latest of Edutopia. The entire December issue follows a theme called The Collaboration Age: Teachers Jump Into the We Generation. I couldn't help but snag it from the table in the teachers lounge. These types of magazines are always laying around in the lounge and I'm pretty sure very few people thumb through them.

I can't concentrate because it Cherish by Madonna is on. The kids want Akon, but I could only find 30 second segments of his songs.

Brittney is asleep today. We are all totally wiped out this week, the first week back. I wonder if she had to work last night. She woke up briefly, looked at me, and then put her head back down and pulled her hoodie over her neck and ears. She's cold, or she hates Madonna. Kayla is writing in her journal. Kyle is doing a pretty good job of writing for just recently starting the class; Blake's just looking at his paper...he's written about a half page. Matt is writing, then pausing, then writing some more. He sits quietly and unnoticed. Robert pretends to write, or maybe he's drawing today. Cali is here for the first time since Thanksgiving. Kayla writes. She used to have a fabulous journal but she is writing in a composition notebook now. I wonder where her pretty journal went. Shelby writes. She writes all the time. She works on things in here and she never seems to run out of things to write. I think her fluency has definitely improved. Morgan is writing as well, and her and Shelby are sharing Shelby's ipod. Samm is writing tucked away in the corner. The layout of this class amuses me. They all sit as close together as possible even though we have empty tables for them to spread out. It took a while for Cheyenne to get started, but she's . Jessica is stretching. Garrett and Bobby are writing s l o w l y. They don't write much. Fetty goes in spurts. We are listening to Vogue now.I can't stop singing in my mind.