Saturday, June 4, 2011

drifted to the back porch for coffee...

The honeysuckle always smells the best at dusk and dawn...and this morning it's creeping around the edge of the house pretty loudly.

I cup my ears and the cicada's rhythm increases ten-fold.

The sun is rising just over the bluff of Cowskin Creek, drying out the sleepy hay field waiting for today's balers.

The three Purple Martin households are awake and catching breakfast.

The baby calves are lowing--heading for their momma's bags.

The croaking bullfrog announces dominance at the creekbed, and I'm sure the entire valley can hear it.

An occasional hummingbird zips by for morning nectar.

The pups are still asleep, the cats are stretching in the sunbeams, the artisan well bubbles up crystal clear drinking water.

I'm enjoying coffee, a rocking chair, and this view before the heat steals the day.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Proudest Moment Is Right Now

I wanted to tweet this, but I couldn't break it down to 140 characters. So I'm posting a quick note to my blog to remember that even in 2011 in rural, suburban, and urban areas we have kids who are breaking the cycle. I am inspired by this one, who writes in her Senior Valedictory Exhibition "my proudest moment is right now. I am the first to graduate from high school in my family. When I started, I was super nervous and didn't think I could make it. At times, I thought it would never end. But here it is; this is the last day, and I did it. It was a rough road, but I am ready to continue it. I will probably hit some more bumps along the way, yet I am ready to face them. I know I will be taking baby steps rather than leaps, but I will make it. I just want to scream to myself "I am proud of you!"
This was not something so uncommon in the rural schools where I spent the large majority of my teaching career. But now, I teach outside of a large metro area, and I was surprised by this. I did not know this about this young woman, and I spent a year with her in English IV. I admire even more greatly her work ethic and her attitude in class. She will make it! A few years ago one student wrote to me and his class "there's more to me than I let on." I have to remember this about every student!