Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grandma Says....

"What you do on New Years Day, you'll be doing all year long."

I slept late.
Didn't eat breakfast.
Ate an orange.
Wrote a letter to a friend in Finland.
Wrote a letter to a friend in Japan.
Re-booted my computer.
Received a letter from a friend in Germany.
Checked e-mail.
Checked facebook.
Changed my facebook status.
Commented on a friends photo.
Called a friend on the phone.
Left a message on an answering machine.
Listened to a message on my machine.
Returned a phone call.
Sent a text message.
Sent an e-mail.
Sent a facebook message.
Sent several more of all three.
Drank two cups of coffee.
Walked Macy.
Walked Montana.
Filled a water bucket.
Fed the cats.
Snuggled with Charlie.
Wrote in my journal.
Wished it was snowing.
Visited with my boss.
Worked on Senior Projects.
Worked on a Senior Project presentation.
Thought about a new career.
Looked up directions on MapQuest.
Lit a candle.
Talked to my dad.
Talked to my grandma.
Blew out a candle.
Looked in a mirror.
Watered plants.
Covered up with a blanket.
Craved hot chocolate.
Craved for someone to bring me hot chocolate.
Went to the gym.
Forgot something.
Listened to my ipod.
Ran stairs.
Drank a bottle of water.
Ran more stairs.
Drank another bottle of water.
Zipped up a hoodie.
Fixed the timer on the scoreboard.
Turned out the lights.
Used my signal properly.
Wore my seat belt.
Drove the speed limit.
Chewed a piece of gum.
Ate a Tic Tac.
Left the house a mess.
Toasted the New Year.
Said goodbye to family.
Kissed my Aunt Cindy.
Talked with a student.
Gave advice.
Told stories.
Listened to stories.
Went to my classroom.
Packed up my car.
Stayed awake after midnight.
Went to sleep after midnight.
Forgot to watch the Rose Bowl Parade.
Watched USC celebrate.
Popped popcorn.
Watched a movie.
Wished I was in love.
Looked at old pictures.
Was glad I wasn't in love.
Hugged my sister.
Drove 65 miles.
Filled up my gas tank.
Cleaned out the dishwasher.
Warmed up leftovers.
Wore house slippers.
Slept in Vera Wang pj's.
Talked to animals.
Played ball with my dogs.
Bought a newspaper.
Put air in a tire.
Read a story about the Gaza strip.
Watched football.
Cheered for Nebraska.
Prayed again.
Rallied with Virginia Tech.
Waved to my neighbors.
Called Keri.
Listened to NPR.
Organized files.
Talked to my dad again.
Bathed a cat.
Turned down the heat.
Threw clothes in the laundry basket.
Used deductive reasoning.
Cracked an English walnut.
Looked through the cupboards.
Wondered if I had black-eyed peas.
Wondered if grandpa gave out new dimes.
Commented on Erin's facebook status.
Accepted a new facebook friend.
Opened the fridge.
Commented on Bobby's facebook status.
Wrote to Mike.
Looked through the cupboards again.
Sent condolences to a friend.
Thought about my mom.
Wished nobody had to die.
Thought about war.
Thought about peace.
Wondered how Heaven would actually work.
Had a dream.
Listened to music.
Thought about painting the living room. For a second.
Put water in the teapot.
Changed clothes.
Took a shower.
Washed my hair.
Looked through old jewelry.
Talked to Caron.
Thought about Kory. In a nice way.
Used Q-tips.
Threw leftovers to the birds.
Smelled and tested perfumes.
Packed an overnight bag.
Called Granny.
Looked for matching socks.
Let the dogs run loose.
Looked at a calendar.
Flossed my teeth--twice.
Read a storycorps story.
Pilfered online.
Talked to Janet.
Decided to fold and put away laundry.
Looked at the pile.
Decided it wasn't worth it.
Laid on the couch.
Brushed my teeth.
Uploaded videos.
Watched YouTube.
Checked my Twitter account.
Checked my Missouri State account.
Used a remote control.
Lotioned my hands.
Gave the dogs treats.
Gave the cats treats.
Turned on the Christmas lights.
Worked on my computer.
Propped up my feet.
Slept under a down blanket--on a pillow-top mattress.
Thought about my blessings.

I forgot to think about resolutions . . . Hmmmm.