Writing Workshop

WRITING WORKSHOP: Writing is important. I am committed to daily writing time in class to write on assigned pieces, but also on personal pieces. Two or more days a week in our classroom will be allotted as workshop days. This means you will be writing on topics from your writing territories, or on other pieces as assigned. This time will also be used for mini-lessons on writing and the process, student-student peer conferencing, student-teacher conferencing, small writing groups, and author’s chair.

Warm-up Writing: We will spend the first few minutes of every class period “warming up” through freewriting. Always date your writing and always use the same journal, composition notebook, or the reserved section in your class binder.

TheTraveling Journal: The Traveling Journal is the property Ms. Daugherty and the students of this class. All students will have the opportunity to write and share their writing several times throughout the year. This journal will be read at the beginning of class on Tuesdays and Fridays. The TJ is your place to document the events of three class periods in your own words. The author will take notes about classroom activities and conversations and craft a journal entry to be read aloud. Add photos, stickers, documents, or anything you wish that represents your days as an observer of our classroom.

Essays: Two formal writing pieces will be turned in each quarter.  A Dear Reader Letter and all working drafts must accompany each piece. All polished essays, unless otherwise stated, are to be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. Always follow MLA or APA guidelines when citing sources. As much as possible, lab time will be provided, but you may often find yourself visiting the library if you do not have access to a computer outside of class time.

Small Writing Groups: Participating in a small writing group will be a valuable tool for your growth and development as a writer. Your small writing group will be comprised of 3-4 peers and will be a forum for you to share, read, give and get feedback on a draft or drafts you are working on at the time. SWG will meet once a week when possible.

Author’s Chair: Once every two-three weeks we will celebrate our writing by reading a work-in-progress or a finished piece aloud to a larger audience (usually the combination of small writing groups.) Please sign-up for a date. Author’s Chair serves as a time to ask for specific feedback for your piece.

Senior Valedictory Exhibition: All students will turn in a writing portfolio that will examine who you are, where you have been, what got you where you are today, and to whom you are grateful.  This portfolio contains various written pieces from a variety of classes. Pieces will be student chosen and will not only include a combination of genres and drafts of each, but also reflections and a self-assessment of learning and growth. This Exhibition, along with a Valedictory speech, serves as the 2nd semester final.

Record-keeping: Please keep a detailed record of all drafts, their working titles, and word counts for each piece throughout the quarter. Use the Record Sheet provided in class.

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