Reading Workshop

READING WORKSHOP: Reading is an integral aspect of any class, and most definitely one that follows literature as part of its curriculum. To be an independent, successful writer, it is important to develop yourself as a reader of a variety of genres.
Independent Reading: Some time in our class will be allotted for independent reading known as Sustained Silent Reading, but sometimes SSR will be considered homework as well. Novels for SSR will be student-chosen and goal-driven; non-fiction text is also appropriate when approved. Outside of class, allot 10-15 minutes of private reading at least four times a week.
Literature Circles: As a reader, you will contribute your thoughts on what you read with a reading group known as a literature circle. The concept is much like that of a “book club” where participants will discuss the reading in-depth, answer questions, and ask further questions about the text.

Records: Please keep a detailed log of all reading completed each quarter. Record titles of books, authors read, minutes read, and pages read. Logs will be provided in the next few weeks. 

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