Teacher Leadership: Professional Development Presentations


  • Gainesville High School Graduation, Gainesville, Missouri, May 2015

Missouri Write to Learn Conference   Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

Ozarks Writing Project

  • Presenter, December 2016: Small Stories, Big Appetite! High School Writing Conference
  • Presenter, September 2016: Reading, Talking, and Thinking Together: Nurturing Creative Thinking to Practice Skilled Reading, Writing and Thinking Conference
  • Presenter, September 2016: When Teachers Write: Acknowledging Our Internal Reluctant Writer, Writing and Thinking Conference
  • Presenter: Youth Writing Conference, 2013-2016
  • Presenter: Writing and Thinking Conference, Fall 2014, 2015, 2016, Spring 2015, 2016, upcoming 2017
National Writing Project--United Kingdom

  • Presenter: December 2013
    • Location: London, England, 
    • Audience: NWP-UK Executive Meeting (Directors, Writing Group Leaders) 
    • Presentation Title: “Observations from a Foreigner: An Inside Look at the UK National Writing Project”

  • Seminar Leader, University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, November 2013
    • Audience: NWP-UK Teacher Writer’s Group
    • Presentation Title: “Tweaking the Peer Review Process: Effective Strategies to Build Better Writing Response Groups”

National Writing Project--United States

  • National Radio Show Panelist, February 2011                                                          
    • Venue: Blog Talk Radio                                              
    • Topic: Using Social Media to Connect with Legislature

  • Panel Presenter, November 2010                                                                               
    • Venue: National Writing Project Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA          
    • Topic: “Using Social Media to Connect to Legislators”

  • Presenter: November, 2008
    • Venue: National Writing Project Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX
    • Presentation Title: “Blogging the Summer Institute” 

NCTE Annual Conference

Presenter: Post-conference All-Day Seminar
Location: Las Vegas
Seminar Title: “Making and Writing: Connecting Making and Writing with the Common Core”  
Location: Nashville, TN, November 2006
Presentation Title: “It’s a Group Thing: Effective Ways to use Collaborative Groups in Your Classroom.”

K-12 Public Schools

Neosho Public Schools, Neosho, Missouri
Professional Development: Spring 2014

Audience: 7-12 Teachers

Mexico Public Schools, Mexico, Missouri
Professional Development: Fall 2014 (4-day workshop)
Workshop Series: “Implementing Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop”
Audience: K-5 Teachers (district-wide)

Republic R-III Schools, Republic, Missouri
Presenter, March 2013
Presentation Title:  “What is the Common Core Standard?”
Audience: K-8 Communication Arts Team

Springfield R-12 Schools, Springfield, Missouri
Keynote Speaker, December 2012
Speech Title: “Shared Responsibility: Implementing the Common Core Standards”
Audience: SPS Communication Arts Conference                    

Holden High School, Holden, Missouri
Presenter, January 2009                                            
Presentation Title: “Making the Senior Year Count: Implementing the Senior Project”
Audience: Secondary Teaching Staff

Missouri Center for Careers and Education, Columbia, Missouri
Presenter, November 2006, Building Bridges Conference
Presentation Title: “Making the Senior Year Count! Preparing students for college AND work”
Audience: Career, Technical Education, Administrators

York College, York, Nebraska
Keynote Speaker, November 2005                                                          
Speech Title: “Diversity in the Classroom”
Audience: Elementary and Secondary Education Majors

Willow Springs High School, Willow Springs, Missouri                 
Presenter, September 2005                                                                         
Presentation Title: “Using the 6+1 Writing Traits in the Primary, Elementary, and Secondary Classroom”
Audience: K-12 Communication Arts Vertical Team               

Invited Conferences, Seminars, and Professional Meetings

Inquiry, Literacy, and Life, Cultivating Student Engagement, Curiosity, and Collaboration, January, 2017, Heineman, New Orleans, La
Institute of Education, November 2013                                                              
The Writer’s Conference, London, England

National Association of Teachers of English (NATE), October 2013
Northwest Regional Meeting, Halifax, England

National Writing Project, May 2011
Web Presence Retreat, Kansas City, Missouri

National Writing Project, July 2009
Professional Writing Retreat, Tubac, Arizona

Ozarks Writing Project, April 2007-2010
Meetings with U.S. Legislators, Washington D.C.

Holocaust Institute for Teacher Educators, June 2007
Holocaust Museum, Washington D.C.