Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Day I Left

My app isn't working. So no pictures. So much for technology!

My flight left at 3:20. I spent the last three days in final preparations. This morning I woke up, saluted the sun and finished last minute packing procedures. I even had time for coffee and a pedicure! The last two days of yoga have been overflowing with energy and emotion. I thank my friends Kathy, Angie, and the yogis at Sumits. Please try out that place someday. 

Dad came at 11:00 and after visiting for a bit, we drove to Mexican Villa fora hearty last Springfield meal. "The food you grew up with" is the slogan on the front of the menu, and I know there are haters of the MV reading this, but there is no other truth about this place for me. I've transitioned through the Villa's menu like I've transitioned through life. From French fries and taco salads (with no lettuce or tomato, mind you) as a child to burrito enchilada styles in my college years to vegetarian cheese tostadas and guacamole dip as an adult. I just can't get my fill of white American cheese dip and MV hot sauce. There's a bottle securely stored in my luggage. 

Moving on...and moving out. I thought I was doing so well by packing weeks in advance, but seems I just can't let go and leave things behind. Dad arrives, and I instantly drop 10lbs from the cases with his "you don't need that" and "you should buy this  there." Why yes. Yes I should. It's really nice to have someone help make decisions. That still didn't prevent an overage of nearly 20lbs. The large red one contains clothes and shoes. The grey one, gifts only...200+ items friends, family, and colleagues have given to me to give to my new friends, family (because I always meet family!) and colleagues. Dad said I would have that all given away in less than two weeks. :) The small blue is a carry on and has  jackets and my research: files and books. The backpack is a leftover from a student my very first year of teaching. He never returned to pick it up, so when it finally gives out on me, it's obituary will read "Left behind, but traveled to every country Casey Daugherty did." In 20 years, it's been the one staple travel companion. It's full of electronics and cameras. I like it because there's old school storage for big laptops. :) 
All-in-all there's 173lbs of my life stored neatly in 150+ cubic inches. 

So there you have it. I am off. I will post later this week when I get settled into Sheffield. It's supposed to be sunny and 70 when I arrive. I think this sounds lovely.