Friday, January 5, 2007

sunkissed and relaxed...for a nominal fee

Eight: days of vacation
Seven: drinks by the pool (and on the beach)
Six: new friends from around the world
Five: rolls of film
Four: days of shopping in four cities
Three: books read
Two: spa treatments
One: relaxed teacher

All for a nominal fee.

I love that line and plan to use it often. Every time I checked into anything on my cruise, it was always followed by "...for a nominal fee."

And I was willing to pay some nominal fees for a few those delicious spa treatments and beautiful daiquiris. But for others, like cellular service and thanks. :)

Of all of my travels around the world, never have I desired to go on a cruise. From sleeping in train stations and on overnight train rides to sleeping on the floors of hostels and coffee tables in airport lounges...I've pretty much done things on the cheap. The last few years, at the urging of my worried family, I have upgraded to hotels downtown or campgrounds with real showers and safety officers. :)

But never did I dream (or even think about for that matter) I'd be on a cruise ship in the Bahamas for New Years, basking in sunlight sitting between the waves of the Caribbean and the waves on the pool deck... followed up by lounging on my private stateroom deck before dinner.

Aaah...the life.

But alas, I must thank all the little people for getting me there. Which in this case would only be two: Dave and Mary. Their generosity paid for my week and gave Janet and I a chance to enjoy each others' company and spend some quality time in R and R.

I journaled 'almost' daily, so I'll soon be posting more tidbits about my excursions, my new friends, and all the tall tales I can make up about cruise life and pirate ships on the high seas.

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Cindy said...

Sounds wonderful, I'm so jealous. Now back to work.