Monday, February 12, 2007

dirty santa rakes in blog readers

I just have to let everyone know this because it's dang funny.

Maybe you've read my dirty, Dirty, DIRTY Santa blog about my family's Christmas game. Maybe you haven't, but this story is still great, so read on and go ahead and giggle when you feel it coming.

On my bravenet counter, I can see how people access my blog (you can too if you click on it at the bottom of the page.)

Let's say you forgot my address and went to Google and typed in Journey2Learn. It would show up on Bravenet as you accessed my blog through Google Search. Of course I can't see who it is...just what you search for.

So...the biggest hits on my blog from various search engines come from the keywords dirty santa. No lie.

YES!! People actually search for "dirty santa" and, fortunately, my blog is the second hit that comes up...seems there aren't too many "dirty santa" stories out there. What a massive let down for those searchers to read about gift exchanges and hot cocoa over the naughty details about Santa's day off or how Santa Does Seattle.

Seriously though, WHO SEARCHES FOR DIRTY SANTA????!!!!!! Maybe I need to have more "provocative" titles to get more tits...i mean hits. :)

End of story...hope you found it just as amusing as I did. I would tag my sister to comment...and Melanie...and I bet my dad would like to as well...but it seems the blogging world freaks them out when it comes to leaving anonymous comments. :)

Final thought....please, please snow tonight...enough for a snow day.

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