Tuesday, February 27, 2007

get married in vegas...end of story!!

Okay. Yes. I'm changing my tune...somewhat. I'm still getting married at the court house, but when the horse and carriage came around the corner, behind the gazebo and in front of the audience at Caron's wedding, everyone was stunned, making a Vegas wedding purely worth it. I even knew it was happening and was still stunned. (Well done keeping the secret don't you think?) So when she stepped out of the carriage and Kory walked down the aisle to assist his bride...wow o wow...a unity sweet sigh escaped the lips of all the guests. (Oh dang it! I vowed not to use the word "UNITY" through this whole thing...all I can hear is Dave Chapelle squealing "Unity" in what became the unity slogan of the weekend. :)

From the cake (which I completely forgot about once I dove into the delectable chocolate dripping from the three tiered fountain) to the flowers to the pictures to the buffet to the DJ, The Secret Garden staff at the Las Vegas Racquet Club are experts at weddings.

Eat, drink, and be merry...and we'll take care of little details seems to be the philosophy of the employees. When Caron and I arrived at the Bridal Lounge to change and prepare for the ceremony, our dresses were hung out, the champagne was chilled, and hors d'oeuvres graced the table.

Without a rehearsal, the wedding went smoothly (but seriously, who doesn't know how a wedding should go anyway?) Kevin and I were perfect. All the family was perfect. Pablo Neruda was perfect (not a single tear for those of you who knew my dilemma). Grandma and Shaun said perfect prayers. I think it was all simply perfect. Are there any other words? The only thing missing was a Spanish singing guitar player (which I bet we could have found on the cheap in Vegas!)

As for those CD's I wrote about earlier...they went like hot cakes at a benefit breakfast on a Saturday morning (say that with a twang and follow up with banjo pickin'.)

Bravo Caron and Kory! xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

First of all, Sister thinks I never read her blog. Yes, Case, I read your blog. Second of all, when will I get a copy of the Sisters by the Blue Spruce picture!? HELLO! That blue spruce IS in my yard... Third of all... wait... let's go back to the second one. When will I get those Disney / Epcot pictures as well from last summer in your slideshow? And now third of all... the wedding in Vegas was beyond expectation or planning. The staff and family who operate The Secret Garden provided everyone in attendance a new definition for a Vegas wedding. Scratch that last comment... they redefine what a wedding is, regardless of locale. Kudos to them, and a champagne toast on our behalf to them. They were fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally crying over here!!! I LOVED the blog and
needless to say, the effect it had on my now bloated
head :). I never tire of hearing how great the wedding
was for all in attendance! To be cliche'...it totally
warms my heart! (From Erin at The Secret Garden)