Sunday, March 11, 2007

what are you doing for the next 36 hours?...

"My passport's in my pocket and my bag is packed--where're we goin!?!?" I replied when my sister called with the title question. Sad to say, no where exotic, but any trip with Caron is always memorable, and if I can rearrange my schedule, we'll be at Mizzou tomorrow and dine with the jazz band at Murray's tomorrow night. Lunch at Shakespeare's sounds scrumptious, or a burger from Boochies. Yum! I can't wait to make the trip (it's all about the food, you know. :) It will be a great start to an expected great week.

It's spring break. A much needed and much deserved spring break I might add. This is the first break in a long time I haven't "gone" somewhere. My students were floored when I told them I'd be staying home. (It seems they all like to live vicariously through my travels.)

Nope, this spring break I'm going to relax and enjoy Missouri spring weather. I'm going to clean out my closets, mop my floors, wash my windows, grade papers, visit my dad, have dinner with friends, enjoy my coffee, play with my animals, listen to a band, watch a movie, do laundry, go for a run, sweep the garage, clean out my classroom, attend a wedding reception, write a letter, prepare for 4th quarter, take my granny shopping, write a blog or two, update my I-pod, visit my grandparents, go dancing, read a book, road trip to St. Louis, sleep late, and bask in some sunlight like a turtle on the North Fork. I hope I can get it all in.

I'll check back in next Sunday.

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Janet said...

Ok...I have decided to take the day off tomorrow before mom and dad come. What am I going to do for the next 26 hours?? (I don't have a full 36).

Watch the Mavs, clean house, exercise, drink my coffee while having some quiet time, grade papers, get ready for my class on Tuesday, get my taxes done, wash my car, read a book, read my Family Fun magazine, order a new photo program for my computer, go to Kung Fu, go to Bible study...well, I think that pretty much takes up my entire day...but I know there's probably stuff I'm missing...oh yeah, I need to go to Home Depot and get a new light for my back yard. At least that gives me a plan. If I accomplish that, then maybe I'll be able to get some of my yardwork done when mom and dad get here!