Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"it's all for cancer..."

I have cancer survivors in my family. So when it's time for Relay for Life fundraisers and activities, I find the checkbook and sign up.

When Jordan (Chili) walked in to ask me a favor last week, I thought I was going to be coerced into a sweet tea run at McDonald's. But I wasn't. Instead, I was coerced into playing a game in which I have zero talent. She needed a tennis partner for the high school Relay for Life team tennis tournament. Little did she know how bad I was...but of course, the beautiful weather, the outdoors, the camaraderie with friends and students at the tennis courts, I jumped at the chance. (Little did I know how bad she was!)

Barely making the start time, (I had to borrow a racquet) Chili and I were first up to play a couple of tennis pros (aka, the tennis coach AND a player from the team!) Realizing right away we were doomed, we decided to have a great day. Our theme became "It's all for cancer," and on good shots, bad shots, great shots, and absolutely downright pathetic shots, we'd high five and quote, "It's all for cancer."

We lost every game in the first match. We lost every game in the second match. And, improving our skills, we finally won 3 games in the final match....securing our 10th and last place finish.

The day couldn't have been more perfect. As much of a competitor as I am, I enjoyed my time losing with Chili. And although Ms. Lindsey, aka Tournament Director, officially warned us for obnoxious behavior, (not really, she was just trying to exert power she didn't have over us), no one could get our spirits down. We were thankful for the day and for the life, cancer-free so far, we've been granted.


Janet said...

Very cool. You gotta have fun. Last year I played on an equally sorry volleyball team. Though we lost every game (also until the end...where we nearly swept the tournament! :) ), we, too, high-fived every time the ball went over the net or we had a good volley. One of my friends went around telling people we won...thinking we must have because we had so much fun! :) That's the way to live life!

Jordan said...

"It's all for cancer!" :) I love it! I had so much fun that day playing with you! We proved that winning isn't everything! lol And in your post you say that I didn't know how bad you were at tennis...uhhmm...I think I could say the same for myself! That was my first actual match EVER and I think it showed! lol But it was definitely a blast playing with you! You know you will have to be my partner again next year!!! :)

Casey said...

Jordan...I wouldn't choose anyone else!!!! Next year...we're going from WORST to FIRST! Watch out Coach Spence...Watch out all you tennis pros....Coach Daugherty and Jordan are moving in!! Of course, it's all for cancer!!!! :)