Friday, June 1, 2007

fantasy island beach bums...

My cousins are at the beach. They are taunting me with text messages...

"Miss you."
"Wish you were here."
"Thinking about you while I'm sipping my cool drink, napping to the beat of the afternoon waves, and planning my delicious seafood dinner tonight."

Okay. So they weren't that detailed...but that's exactly what they meant I know.

Tonya's probably into Sudoku under the umbrella. Cindy's reading a novel she doesn't need to think about. Faron's on the computer or playing football or frisbee with Richie and Jim. Linley and Eric are running up and down the beach chasing the waves ... and then letting the waves chase them. Blue plastic shovels and red sandbuckets litter the area around the Adamson clan. And then the whole family stops to eat ham sandwiches and cheetos for lunch.

Then back to Sudoku, reading, playing, napping, swimming, and building sandcastles before Russ and Cindy close the afternoon umbrellas when the sun begins to disappear behind the hotels of South Daytona Beach and our little Fantasy Island.

Awww....the life of a beach bum. I'm insanely jealous! (So I won't mention all the sand in swimsuits and places you had no idea existed, bickering children, cloudy afternoons, cramped rooms, restaurant crowds, towels that never dry, and sunburns...but I'd definitely trade spots...I think.) :)_


Tonya (official beach bum) said...

Actually, I didn't even open my suduku book (but I took it everyday and by the end of the week it was compeletly water logged!) Other than that, everything is just like you described!! Every year it seems to go by quicker. We have just checked into our hotel in Murfreesboro and will be home tomorrow -- Florida will be just a faint memory until this time next year (unless I can figure out a way to get back again this summer).

Just a few more negatives that occured this year -- wrecking the car and Eric throwing up in the car before even leaving the state of Missouri (minor trim damage), cool/stormy weather the last couple of days (went to the beach and sat under the umbrellas anyway), caught in crawling traffic for two hours (thankfully we weren't envolved in the wreck with the milk truck) and then more throwing up in the car (this time by Linley as we're driving through downtown Chattanooga). These are the things memories are made of!!!!

Casey said...

hahaha! Ohmygosh! Real life vacation is WORSE than I thought. hahaha. sad about the vomiting incidents, but such good writing material! I'll have to remember that kids do that. haha.

Sorry to hear about the minor accident...hope its easy to repair, or so minor it doesn't need repairing.

Nonetheless....through the vomiting, the cloudy days, the crawling all seems worth it even for one GREAT afternoon on the beach.

So I'm still envious. And I'll be down in July...hop on a plane and come with me. ;)

AND...I need to add Whitney's family to my beach bum blog...I wasn't leaving little Kaylee and Jayla out on purpose...I didn't realize you were all down there at the same time. Tonya, now that she finally had a second, actually started texting I just assumed this week was her family and next week was your family.

So here's my take on that...Kaylee followed Linley and Eric and sang songs along the way...but she also might have stayed close to mom and dad and built sand castles, dug holes, and made piles. Jayla spent her afternoons asleep in her crib tucked safely in the shade of an umbrella where Grandpa probably kept a close eye on her. Spencer and Jim, at some point, walked the beach and maybe rented a bike or 4-wheeler and most definitely went out with Richie in the ocean.

Whitney...she sipped her cokes and read, and read, and read. And when she would get hot, a walk to water was in order. On the motherly side of things, Whitney had everything she needed packed in a nice beach bag every day--and I doubt she forgot anything. Tonya, on the other hand, had things scattered from the room to the beach...and probably had to make trips back to the room, or told the kids..."if you didn't bring it, we're not going to get it!" And then I bet Jim went and got it.

Awww...gotta love family! :)

I'm glad you all had a great time!

Cindy said...

Casey, you do have us pegged. I read 15 books, finished many logic problems and took naps too numerous to count. #1 place to eat...Boondocks (spicy peel and eat shrimp and crab bites). I only have one beach negative: NOT ENOUGH TIME.

Casey said...

ummmm. Boondocks. I can't wait. I'm stealing Caron's week. :) The food, the ambiance of the old dock...I love it!!

And negatives for you because I'm 100% sure there wasn't vomit in your car on the way home. ;)

Glad you guys made it back safely.

Whitney said...

Casey--you know us all too well. Spencer only lost two pair of sunglasses in the ocean while boogey boarding with Richie. Kaylee built numerous sandcastles & found a variety of sea shells. She lived on PB&J & chips and took afternoon naps under the umbrellas & T-Bear was there through it all:) I have to add to the negatives--someone pooped in the pool, therefore it was closed for 24 hours--that's always nice. Pool closed in the evenings because the turtles were doing whatever it is they do:) I only read two books, much less than normal, as Jayla kept me busy. She was constantly wanting to eat the sand--very healthy I'm sure. You so have the part about Tonya pegged:) We ate at Piglet Harbor (Inlet Harbor), Ruby & Jack's (Caribbean Jack's) and Bubby Gumps (Bubba Gumps) according to Kaylee. Maybe one of these days she will get the words right:) And yes, I'm the over organized mom:)