Thursday, August 14, 2008

On my way to the bathroom...Maroon Day 1

Whew! I'm tired! Maroon Day 1 was exhausting. I've been busy all summer but there's nothing that takes it out of you more than the first day back to school. Answering questions. Giving directions. Sorting schedules. Fixing the copy machine. Finding time to eat, drink, and go the bathroom...and that's usually where I'm stopped.

"Ms. Daugherty!" a student will yell, like one male student did today. I stop mid-step hoping I don't wet my pants in the middle of the freshman hall.

"Yes?" I reply.

"Are you the one I talk to about Senior Project?"

Oh good, this will be short. "Yeah. What do you need?"

"Well..." (uh, oh. not short.) "I was wondering if I could put a stereo system into my car for my Senior Project."

"I can't say yes for sure right now, but it sounds like a great idea. Let's talk about it in class." I start toward the bathroom again. I mean, obviously it's only the first day of school and I just haven't had this student in class yet. Otherwise, he would know that we will start Senior Projects on October 1.

"But I'm not a senior. I just wanted to get a head start."

Hold the bathroom break.

"OH. Well, in that case, I'll need a lot more information before you get started. And we'll need to write a plan," (hoping this will dissuade him.)

"I'm gonna"

"And I really only have time" I completely interrupt him, "to work with seniors working on their projects this year. You and I will need to meet later."

"Well," trying to convince me of the 'go ahead', "I would build the speaker boxes and everything, including putting all the sound equipment in."

Hmmph. I've got to get to the bathroom. "Well, come back and I'll talk a little more in-depth with you about it, but let's get school underway for a few more days before we meet again. I'll have time to think about it then."

Content with that, he was on his way to 4th block and I was racing to the bathroom!

So, it was encouraging to see fresh and friendly faces at school. Some students were dressed to for the occasion, wearing their best new school clothes...and some, well, the same old ratty jeans and t-shirts that seem to be the fashion of the day.

The funniest moment occurred when I got so tickled walking by Mr. Rodgers room and felt a rush of cool air coming from his classroom. This can only mean one thing: my room is a freezer! Mr. Rodgers likes his room cool, especially with nerves and anxieties that come with the first day of school and talking to a whole new group of strangers every block.

Overall, a great day at WSHS.

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