Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My mind is MUSH!

It's Wednesday and I'm behind on grading and everything else in my life. I have a million things about work running through my head at every much so that I dream about the paperwork I have to do.

I can only say that all this distraction in my head caused me to 1.) talk back to the answering machine last night to my best friend, actually thinking she was talking to me.

And 2.) Back out of a Sonic slot this morning from getting a diet Coke and push the button to close my garage door.

Am I crazy? Let me rephrase for you: I am crazy.

When I got to work a few minutes ago...a rooster was crowing across the street. Is it just now time to get up?


Anonymous said...

You came by it honestly.

Casey said...

Oh, thanks dad! ;)