Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm a Keeper

This is Preston. He wore this shirt today. Here are his thoughts on why he wore this shirt: "I always get the worst kind of I just thought I'd wear this shirt today to prove to everyone else that "I'M A KEEPER!"

So really, it's his tactic to attract the kind of girl he wants. So if someone actually believes his shirt, he should be swarmed by girls. But today, he says, "it's not workin' out too good, but maybe it will when I go to town tonight." Poor Preston. I know he will make a fine husband and father...someday.

It's the first Friday of this week. This class is behaving miserably. They are not writing, but smack-talking their way through the last 25 minutes. We had accomplished nothing until the yearbook girls walked in and had everyone complete a form to order their 2009 Williamizzou. This, I thought, might get us back on track...but nope. It didn't. They went crazy as usual.

The only thing I've accomplished is this:
Amanda, guess what I have?
Since the summer I've been collecting the nice candles jars that the White Barn Company uses for their candles.
REALLY??!! How much do you want for them???
We'll talk about that later...but would they be something you are interested in for you senior project?
Oh, yeah. Definitely.

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Casey said...

Oh yes....this is the FIRST Friday of this week...and OH students let me know how stupid that sentence actually is. I was meaning to say that this is the first Friday back for the the new year and everyone is READY to go home. That's what I meant! :) They just called me "edumacated."