Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shopping for a Winter Storm

I needed the $70 in groceries I bought yesterday before the ice storm. Like I need a hole in my head.

I was talking to Mitchell at the grocery store last week and he said if the weathermen would just mention that we might get some type of weather, it would sure give the store a boost. We were joking about the influx of shoppers before the big moment hits. And there I was yesterday, just like the other 60 shoppers at G & W. (And yes, 60 shoppers in G & W is SUPER CROWDED!)

I didn't have a list. I just felt like I needed to go. I must be the most unorganized shopper in the universe. I don't go in with a list, but am thinking of a few things I know I need, like milk, egges, and, well, that's all I could think of at the moment. But I scour each row as if I'm buying my last set of groceries ever!
Ohmygosh...condensed milk. Do I need condensed milk? Do I have any at home? Will I be cooking something that calls for canned milk? What if I don't have it and I need it? Should I get it? I don't need it. When's the last time I used condensed milk? Pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving? Please, I'm not going to make a pumpkin pie on a snow day.

So I bypass condensed milk. But then I get to the Ragu.
Do I need spaghetti sauce? Should I get some just in case? I could make spaghetti, cacciatori, lasagna...oh so many things with Ragu. But, really, a bad choice. What if my electric goes out? Hmmm. Where's my dutch oven? I could heat Ragu up in the dutch oven on my grill. (And now this gets me thinking I should be buying things I can grill just in case my electric goes out. Which then puts me into a panic to get home and get some wood out of the weather just in case I need to build a fire outside.)
Down the aisle is hot chocolate. And can't find my favorite brand. Shoot. They are out. Oh, but I could make it with milk, which I've already bypassed that aisle and will have to go back. Three trips later to the dairy case and I finally get what I came in for.

Betty checks me out, as usual. She combs through my basket and starts asking me what I'm cooking for dinner. I have no idea. All I know is I have 70 dollars invested in things like extra mayonaise, corn starch, and sesame ginger salad dressing. I can't remember the last time I bought any of these items.

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