Monday, October 29, 2007

Three Days Shy of November...

1. Dear can stop sending me hateful mail and text messages. I'm back to blogging again after, what?, a nearly eight-week hiatus? Writers need time off too, man! My sincerest of apologies for leaving you with nothing better in this world to Henry James, or Margaret Atwood, or Kurt Vonnegut. I have to say the funniest e-mails were simply the ones that said..."Blog." ...and..."Blog." and finally, yes, "Blog." again. So thanks for all those simple, yet fruitful reminders.

It's not that I haven't been writing. My Hawaiian journal is nearly half full from first semester of writing so far with my classes. I'm going to peruse that tonight and post something so delightful you'll want to make more coffee and read it twice.


Casey said...

So as I was explaining my lack of blogging, Linds posts this sweet poem on my Facebook....I must share it with my blogging world:

I Once Knew a Lady

I once knew a lady who had a blog,
She updated it rain, snow and fog,
Then two months went by
Without even a "HI!"
Everyone began to get mad and sad
including her own dad
So its in her best interest to blog
Before her readers club her with a log.

Written by: Lindsey M., 2007

All I have to say is thank you dear sweet, Lindsey, for that beautiful piece of literature.

Lindsey said...

My 12th grade English teacher taught me how to write poetry. I owe it all to her. God bless her.

And in response to your piece...

1...2...3...BEAR CLAP! (I`m slightly jealous that you didn't come up with that last year so I will just use it on your blog.)

Casey said...

That's 3...2...1...BEAR Clap!Get it right. Had I had model students last year I possibly would have been a better teacher.

Lindsey said...

After that hateful comment I don't think I will comment ever again.

Try not to be too hurt.

Casey said...

holy cow that was a fast comeback! I didn't even know you were are lurking everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Blog...........please quit baiting us who are on the edge of out seats and it is almost bedtime.