Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Man Gown CRACKS Me Up!!

This link is in honor of my sister's yarn hair ribbons from the 4th grade, although I'm pretty sure we didn't buy them at JC Penney.

I are up for a laugh...thanks to Johnny Virgil's 15-Minute Lunch Blog...although it might actually turn my blog into a "Rated R"'s a little risque, but you can handle it.

The picture to the right might be 1975...I think mom and dad are stuck in the 60's still...but my sister's pants are beautiful. I'm just adorable no matter what decade it is.


Casey said...'s not just the man gown...but Cowboy Chachi and the orange jumpsuit get me EVERY SINGLE TIME I read the 15-minute blog.

Lindsey said...

Haha Haha Haha!!! I die everytime I read it...and I wasn't even alive in the 70's!!!! Mom and Dad both loved loved loved it though!!! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I'll wear those pants this Christmas if you want. :)

Casey said...

hahaha.Oh please. Show up on the front stoop! :)